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separatorDo You Believe That Diverticulosis Is Incurable? Neither Do We!

Are you tired of being kept prisoner in your own home because you’re afraid to get too far from your bathroom? Do you ever stay home rather than going out with family and friends because eating out too often ends in pain and discomfort? Are you ready for a CHANGE?

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I’m about to show you how you can Quickly & Easily put an END to living with Diverticulitis once and for all. I’ll teach you how to start enjoying a life without constant pain and suffering.

This #1 Selling online Diverticulitis Program will help restore your health andsave money on expensive medications.

This is the exact method I used to heal from my own digestive disorder, and in turn, had the fortune of helping thousands of others get through their digestive problems. Thanks to this system, we have provided thousands of people a way to live symptom free from their diverticulitis!


How We KNOW This Works


Hi, My name is Michael Hohlweg and yes it’s true…I am not some highly accredited Yale University doctor or professor (I am not a doctor at all), yet I believe I have discovered the root cause of diverticulitis and can help you put an END to the pain & frustration that diverticulitis is causing you!

It wasn’t that long ago that diverticulitis was a large part of my life.

About 5 years ago diverticulitis was draining my health, it was stealing every ounce of my energy. I was sometimes suffering from fevers, night sweats, diarrhea 5-8 times a day, pain, cramping… you name it, I’ve had it. I lost weight because I was literally afraid to eat.

Due to the constant pain I was not eating and started loosing up to ten pounds a month. I hate drugs but a doctor persuaded me to start Remicade, which stopped the diarrhea for about a week before it came right back. Of course I was also on the doctor/hospital “works for everything” trick: antibiotics.

My doctors gave me two choices:

One - I could receive more aggressive drug therapies (the drugs they had me on weren’t making a dent); or
Two – I could “see what happens”. “See what happens!” Their advice is: “see what happens?

In the end I decided to stay on the prescribed drugs. I continued my expensive drug therapy at home despite the fact they actually made me feel worse in many ways. Who was I to question the advice of a doctor?

I then began researching everything about diverticulitis while still in bed with my constant pain, I spent a few hours each day either doing research online or calling all over the country speaking to the top health experts.

The results?

The Results Were Astounding!

I thought back to early symptoms and realized that I had this condition for over 15 years, I just didn’t know what it was back then. I also realized that for two years the disease had “gone away” (when I lived overseas in Hong Kong). I started researching details about this disease and due to my unique circumstances I was able to figure out why it went away for two years and why it came back. I developed a diverticulitis diet theory and tested it on myself. Within 3 weeks I was able to do normal tasks around the house by myself again, and within 6 weeks I was able to get back to my work and start enjoying life like I used to. Best of all, within a few weeks, I was off all of my expensive medications. I felt like I had discovered something big.

I stuck to the program I created for two solid years. My symptoms never came back. Then I solicited a couple of my personal friends who had digestive disorders to try my program. Their results were identical to mine. Complete “end of symptoms”. This strengthened my theory that diverticulitis symptoms were caused by the eating of what I termed, “catalyst foods”. I believe that the disease called diverticulitis is actually just the symptoms of eating improperly combined meals for an extended period of time, causing damage to your digestive system. This simple, easy diet seemed to have cured three people of a serious disease. I was starting to get excited.



Can Diverticulitis Be Cured ?

Well if you’ve spoken to as many Doctors, nutritionists and gastroenterologist as I have you would know that they say there is no cure for diverticulitis. In fact, if you see a doctor for your diverticulitis or diverticulosis, they may have told you that you will get worse over time.

Together we can prove them wrong.

What doctors know is that diverticular disease (diverticulosis and diverticulitis) is simply a disease of inflammation, which in many cases is so severe that bulges (diverticula) are beginning to rupture through the wall of your colon. I believe that inflammation of the colon in diverticular disease patients is caused by the long-term eating of foods I call “catalyst foods.”

I believe these Catalyst Foods are the Cause of Diverticulitis!


Please give me a couple of minutes to explain why I believe this theory is accurate and why it might be the most important information any diverticulitis patient should know.

The Real Cause Behind Diverticulitis!
Don’t Skip This Section

Modern doctors and pharmaceutical companies teach that the cause and cure for diverticulitis is a mystery. This is not just my claim. Here are medical website links that prove what I am saying:


I completely agree with doctors and pharmaceutical companies when they admit that they don’t know the cause or cure for diverticulitis.

I Asked Myself One Simple But Very Important Question

” What Reaches The Colon That Could Be Causing Inflammation? “

My belief is that It had to be stomach acid, or food, as they are the substances that are carried through the digestive system past the stomach. The answer is stomach acid.

Imagine for a moment, a hay fever patient, mowing lawns every day for years. They are very likely to develop severe symptoms from exposure to the very thing they are sensitive to. Their lungs, like your colon, will be inflamed. A doctor will give them nasal sprays, decongestants and antibiotics. They may feel better for a day or a week but if he keeps working in the yard, the suffering will continue and the inflammation will get worse. They can’t get better because they’re not removing the SOURCE of the problem. Give them decongestants and antibiotics for years and they will still get worse. Doctors will call this problem “INCURABLE.” Do you see what we are doing wrong? Medicine won’t fix this. We have to remove the source of the damage.

Does this sound like you?


 Here`s Why The 8 Most Common Treatment Options For Diverticulitis Sufferers DON’T work

If you have tried them, you know that they are short lived treatment options and do not offer long term relief from diverticulitis.

Do You…

  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Apply a heating pad or hot water bottle.
  • Consider invasive, risky surgery (-oscopies), or even removal of all or part of the colon (-ectomies).
  • Use antibiotics and other prescription meds and acid blockers.
  • Maintain regular bathroom habits; avoid straining and laxatives.
  • Undergo a colonoscopy, barium enema, X-rays, or scans.
  • Take over-the-counter pain and acid blocking drugs.
  • Mayo Clinic Diet: Use the most recommended diet in the world for diverticulitis sufferers, which has never cured one patient. Read it from the Mayo Clinic’s own “mouth”:

Listen carefully, all doctors including gastroenterologist are taught that diverticulitis is “INCURABLE!” You are paying someone who will admit that they believe that you can’t be cured and will likely get worse and they can do nothing about it. Based on their education, I always wonder what exactly we are paying them for.

Our experience after coaching over 6000 people through diverticular disease is that virtually everyone who has surgery has a recurrence within 4 years. Removing your colon (all or part) to cure inflammation and symptoms is like doing a skin graft to cure a sunburn. Yes, it removes the sunburn but it cures nothing. The next time you get too much sun… guess what?

Patients Walk Into The Hospital With Diverticulitis & Constant Pain…
They Walk Out With Body Parts Removed & Having To Heal From Drastic And Dangerous Surgeries

Normally their intestinal flora has also been destroyed with antibiotic use… They now have no way to digest food properly. A few years later, many of them come to us to finally get rid of diverticulitis for good. Why, because it often comes back even after surgery.

Do you honestly want to take a risk like this? Imagine spending thousands of dollars on surgery with no guarantee that its going to work and to make matters worse, even if the surgery proves a success, it might only last for a few short months. If you’re lucky, you may have a few years of relief before your diverticulitis returns.

I will tell you How to:

Avoid Painful Surgery And Save Money On Medications And Surgeries

I will also show you a Proven Step By Step Natural and Inexpensive method that can rid you of your diverticulitis for good!


Stories Of Real People Who Have Ended Diverticulitis With Our Help

Take a look at just a few of the stories of people my pain free diverticulitis program has helped..


Why the Others Fail:

worldwide-cost-of-it-failureThe idea behind most programs is good in theory but all the products and books out there use what we call “one piece of the pie” or a one size fits all diverticulitis plan that just doesnt work for most people.

They didnt work for me because even though I only ate foods that are considered “safe”, according to these specialists, from doctors, authors and other so called health experts I still had diverticulitis. Separating carbs and proteins is one necessary step but not nearly enough to allow the body to heal. There are several other factors that must be understood (including catalyst foods and what you can and can’t drink) to allow your body to heal itself.

Even though I followed their advice I would still experience horrific bouts of pain.

There are things which these other authors strictly forbid just because they “think they’re bad for you”. For example, one expert, or doctor might decide that all meat products of any type are bad, yet we know that other cultures who eat meat in general often do not suffer from diverticulitis.

These gurus, authors, and doctors dont even clearly describe why each food is forbidden They use dramatic terms like “illegal and Forbidden”. These same experts even come right out with statements like, “it could be due to any number of factors, so don’t worry about it and just follow the diet.” We make sure you understand why you need to eat a particular way.

I must have been either gullible, desperate, or both as I tried diet after diet that promised to naturally cure or get rid of my diverticulitis. None of them worked.

With many of these diets and fads, you start with an “Intro Diet,” which consists primarily of distasteful and unusual foods that you would not normally eat.

You are supposed to eat only these foods for the first couple of days, at which point you begin to add new foods one at a time. Needless to say, You can not be expected to last long on a diet that makes you miserable and isn’t a realistic option.

With “them” even after you waste a month or more you may not see any significant results.

This is why I began to formulate my very own system of getting rid of diverticulitis using my Pain Free Foods methods instead of basic plans and combining techniques.

And after spending countless hours of study, phone calls, years of research, as well as trial and error, I believe I stumbled upon the reason why people suffer from diverticulitis and why they continue to experience diverticulitis EVEN after going through surgery.

What Every Doctor has Missed

open-uri20120807-28754-17tebcgMy theory is that diverticulitis, like all the other digestive disorders is related to, too much stomach acid. The others include GERD, heartburn, acid reflux, Crohn’s, colitis, IBD, IBS and celiac disease, to name a few.

All these diseases have one thing in common: Overproduction of Acid! Your doctor has been taught that acid digestion of every meal is “normal.” Ask them about enzyme digestion and they will give you their “stupid patient” look.

Acid causes abdominal pain, inflammation, diverticula, flare-ups, attacks, and bloating.

I know what you are thinking… “acid digestion is normal” isn’t it? No, enzyme digestion is normal and acid digestion is supposed to take place occasionally. Acid may also cause the weakening of the colon lining which allows diverticula (pouches) to form. Medical studies agree that these conditions are related to the over- or under-production of hydrochloric acid by the stomach during digestion.

This is why some of these diseases are even named after their acidic origins, names such as heartburn and acid reflux. Diverticulitis is one member of the acidic disease group.

This Is How I Formulated The #1 Selling Online Diverticulitis Program

You see after doing my own research and speaking to so many different specialists on the subject, I discovered a clue, which is that diverticular disease exists predominantly in only seven countries.

Seven Countries, Thats it!

The other 178+ countries, with billions of people, have near zero cases of diverticulitis.

Doubt What I Am Telling You?

Here is what doctors at Cornell University said (paraphrased): 30% to 65% of the population in the “Western world” have this disease. Then they compared that to the near-zero incidences elsewhere — Africa, for example. Asia also has almost none! The disease is epidemic in 7 places.

Almost Nonexistent Elsewhere

7 Countries With less than 15% Of The World’s Population Have

92% Of The World’s Diverticulitis Sufferers?
It’s a Dietary Condition, Not a Disease


What Do These 7 Countries Have In Common?

With the few facts above, it didn’t take a medical degree to see that a particular diet may well be what is causing diverticulitis.

Could Avoiding A Few “Catalyst Foods” Be The Solution?

The Answer Is


I am 100% Certain Of This & So Are My Previous Customers Who No Longer Suffer From Diverticulitis!

I know because I have less than a 1% refund rate on the diverticulitis pain free foods program which I created.

So my next question was:

If diet causes diverticulitis, could a diet also end diverticulitis?

I tested my theory on myself and for me, the answer was yes.

As I said earlier for almost two years I tested my diverticulitis diet theories out on myself and a few other friends, each of whom shared my digestive nightmare.

Their results were exactly like mine – diverticulitis, gone within a few short weeks following a simple step by step plan. Eventually I figured out which foods, when mixed together, seemed to cause all the trouble… we named themCatalyst Foods!”

I found that all of us could eat almost any food we wanted, but when we ate any two of the “Catalyst Foods” together, the results were dramatic… dramatically bad. Sometimes the result was immediate, and sometimes delayed, but the result was always one or more of the following: feeling acidic, bloating, abdominal pain, suffering from constant gas, meals “just sitting there” not going down, discomfort, and constant toilet drama.

Now I’d Like You To Have My Solution, So YOU too Can Enjoy A Life Without Diverticulitis!

Seeing how easily these other people were able to get rid of their pain , I knew I needed to get my solution into as many hands as possible.

So I’ve decided to make my entire system available on the Internet, to anyone who needs it!

I call my solution “Diverticulitis – Pain Free Foods” and it’s a book that you can either download or have physically shipped to you.

This book will help you quickly, easily, and permanently put an end to your diverticulitis!

Use my system, and within just a few days you will notice a difference! You’ll be enjoying life like you never had diverticulitis – Its so simple you will wonder why you have been suffering for so long:


Sneak Peak

  • You get the full Pain Free Foods healing plan which is 4 books in 1 volume, including:
  • Diverticulitis Pain Free Foods (The Method Thousands have used to End Diverticulitis). This is the program itself that explains exactly how to figure out what foods you can and cant mix, as well as WHY you have to eat the way you do.
  • 50 Things you Absolutely Must Know. These are the tricks and secrets to avoid or end attacks, flare-ups, end diarrhea or constipation, reestablishing your intestinal flora after antibiotic use has wiped them out, as well as every trick tip and secret we know of that ends every symptom or irritation diverticulitis suffers deal with.
  • The Diverticulitis Pain Free Recipe Collection. Over 200 recipes for healing and pain free eating. (We have incorporated a spiral binding in the hard copy of the program so that it can easily stay open while you use the recipes in your kitchen.)
  • The 7 day menu and shopping list. Three meals per day for 7 days and a shopping list to use at the store. While you get used to the program, let us tell you exactly what to eat for each meal. Sometimes easier is better!
  • The “Quick Start Guide.” Know enough in 5 minutes to start choosing what you will eat from your own refrigerator, cupboard, grocery store, or restaurant. No starving on our plan. We make it as easy as possible.
  • Full page color charts showing you what you can eat to help alkalize your body, what you can mix and most importantly, which foods are Catalyst Foods! There are only 5 Catalyst Foods/drinks but you must avoid them at all cost. Other than that you can and will learn to eat almost all foods you love using the “magic ratio.”
  • Lifetime access to our online searchable recipe collection. Pick foods you have on hand, plug them in and find great recipes for every meal in one minute.
  • The famous “Eat Out Guide.” This is a full page color chart in the main book that tells you at a glance what you can and can’t eat. Use this to eat at a friends or a restaurant. With the Hard Copy the guide is pocket/purse sized and double laminated. Use the guide for a few days until you are used to the plan or keep it with you all the time to keep you perfectly “on track.”
  • 5 months of the Pain Free Foods newsletter teaching you new cutting edge techniques each week to heal and even how to use less medicine or end flare-up pain, gas, bloating and so forth. Something new each week for 5 months, free with your one time order.


When you claim your copy of Diverticulitis pain free foods you’ll be getting a complete A-Z solution for diverticulitis.

you learn

  • How to get rid of your diverticulitis fast and for good, using a natural proven method (you do not need to be vegan or vegetarian to succeed)
  • Everything about how and why a few foods or food combinations cause diverticulitis. The only comprehensive service of its kind.
  • How to end painful symptoms such as diarrhea, gas bloating, constipation and how to stop an attack or flare-up in its tracks.
  • The new 7 day menu and shopping list. We received so many requests for this, we had no choice. We hand select 21 great meals from the program and give you a shopping list to use at the store. You can start before you finish reading the program.
  • How to eat anywhere without fear of bathroom consequences.
  • Why you have been unsuccessful with your doctor’s recommended diet or other internet diets that never allow you to heal.
  • How to control your weight (up or down) as an easy side effect of following the program.
  • That only your body can heal itself and why no other diet allows that to happen. We use simple explanations and examples that are designed by the author to allow all of us to understand why and how you have actually caused your own diverticulitis and how to stop it.


Bonus Inside



Diverticulitis Pain Free Foods. This is the book that sells out every printing and has helped thousands end their diverticulitis for good. People who have read these 20 plus pages tell us they don’t know how they lived without this book. Worth much more than anything you have ever read about diverticulitis.

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recipe-book copy
Recipe Collection:
Grab these mouth watering pain free diet recipes for FREE when you get the diverticulitis pain free program today. Great entrees, desserts, breads and snacks. The grouping rules are already built in for you. No thinking necessary. Just cook and eat.

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Bonus CertificateThe Eat Out Guide: Dont get caught off guard when you go out with your family and friends. With this FREE eat out guide for diverticulitis sufferers. So many of our customers were concerned about the fact that it is easy to follow the diet while at home…. but what do you do when you are out eating with friends or visiting family? We solved that problem with this eat out guide that clearly shows you how you can enjoy normal day to day activities without accidentally eating the wrong foods.

$3 Retail Value


7 Days Menus List
The 7 day menu and shopping list:
As clear and straightforward as the program is, some people just like to be told what to eat right now without having to read rules or make up their own menu. This is the answer. We give you 21 meals and a shopping list for the grocery store to be able to make them. Check your fridge first so you don’t buy things you already have and you are set. The only way to make it easier than this is if we came to your house and did the cooking for you!

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Diverticulitis Newsletter, 5 month subscription:
Get the latest news on diverticulitis from news to medicine and more…Now you can stay up to date with the latest news on diverticulitis and how it could impact you now or in the future.

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And I’ll even let you keep the free digital bonuses as a thank-you gift from me.


Well since this site has been online and after selling the diverticulitis pain free foods to thousands of people from all over the world, we have learned one thing and that is: this program works. We have a less than 1% refund rate to date making the diverticulitis pain free foods program the #1 selling and customer satisfaction diverticulitis program on the internet.

The price of the diverticulitis pain free foods is a fraction of the cost of surgery which offers no guarantee at all to ending your pain and suffering!

Diverticulitis pain free foods come with a 100 day No questions asked 100% money back guarantee. Your food bill for one day in the hospital would cost more than the entire program.

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